What's Happening at Arcola

Monday Morning Birders 

The Monday Morning Birders group spent June 6 at Arcola for one of their birding treks. The group saw or heard an amzing variety of birds, including:

Great blue heron       Turkey vulture       Cooper's hawk       Red shouldered hawk with 2 nestlings

Red-tailed hawk        Rock dove             Chimney swift        Ruby-throated hummingbird

Downy woodpecker   Hairy woodpecker Northern flicker     Red-bellied woodpecker

Pleated woodpecker  Blue jay                 Eastern phoebe     Great crested flycatcher

Warbling vireo          Red-eyed vireo      American crow      Yellow-throated vireo

House  wren             Eastern bluebird   Tree swallow          Black-capped chickadee

American robin        Gray catbird          Chipping sparrow  White-breasted nuthatch

American redstart    Song sparrow        Northern cardinal  Blue-winged warbler

Field sparrow           Baltimore oriole    Indigo bunting       Brown-headed cowbird

Northern cardinal    House wren           Re-winged blackbird

Common yellowthroat                          Northen waterthrush

Clay-colored sparrow                           Rose-breasted grosbeak

Red-winged blackbird                          American goldfinch

Spring Into Service 2016

 Photo: Cathy Rochel

On Saturday, May 21, 18 volunteers from the Washington County Attorney's office worked at Arcola as part of Spring into Service Day. Spring into Service is a county wide project of Community Thread which provides volunteers for important work that needs to be done for non-profit organizations.

Volunteers cleared brush and debris from the driveway, parking lots and trails; cleared flower beds and white pine planting areas. They replaced protective fencing and installed new trail markers - all in preparation for the opening of the house and grounds for the 2016 season.

We are grateful to the volunteers for thier hard work! Arcola Mills welcomes volunteers for a variety of projects. If you are interested in assisting us as a volunteer, please leave a message at (651) 439-1652.

Arcola Mills Announces Award and Launch of the Minnesota State Legacy Grant Project

Fitzie Heimdahl (l), Project Manager and Steven Blondo (r) of Blondo Consulting conducting an onsite study at Arcola Mills.

Arcola Mills was recently awarded a Minnesota Historical Heritage Grant from the Minnesota Hostorical Society to document and record the history of the Van Meier era at Arcola and the artist colony that was active between the mid 1920s - 1979.

The project is currently seeking contact with individuals, particularly from the Valley area, who may have information or documents from the 1920s through 1990 regarding then owners of the property Katherine and Dr. Henry Van Meier of Stillwater and about the structures and their uses in that period.

In a presentation to the Board of Directors, Steven Blondo, principle of Blondo Consulting and Project Director, gave an update on the project to study the potential historic and architectural  status of a set of buildings on the Arcola Mills property. Its 1847 Greek Revival mansion and mill site have been designated as historically notable by being placed on the National Register of Historically Significant Places.  The study is intended to review and document the history and importance of the remaining structures on the 55 acre site.Individuals with information should contact Arcola Mills at 651.351.7506, or Steven Blondo at steven@blondoconsulting.com

Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants are made possible through the Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. The Legacy Amendment supports efforts to preserve Minnesota's land, water, and legacy, including Minnesota history and cultural heritage. 

For more information, contact:

Name: Steven Blondo
Title: Project Director, Blondo Consulting
Phone: 651.351.7506
Email address: steven@blondocinsulting.com